Clean Hydrogen at Scale

Hydrogen Optimized manufactures and sells innovative high-power
water electrolyzers for large-scale clean hydrogen production

Hydrogen Optimized’s RuggedCell™ high-power water electrolyzers are designed to deliver low-cost clean hydrogen at the scale needed to decarbonize the world’s largest energy-intensive industries. Our patented technology efficiently converts renewable electricity such as solar and wind power into clean hydrogen.

Builds Upon Proven Stuart Unipolar Alkaline Technology

  • Delivers the benefits of PEM
  • Solves the issues of bipolar alkaline and PEM

Key Information for EPCs, EPCMs and
Large Clean Hydrogen Project Developers

Designed for the lowest levelized cost of clean hydrogen at large-scale

  • High-power architecture enables 50 MW+ single modules
  • Enables plants from tens of megawatts to gigawatt scale
  • Minimal replication of key components including substations, rectifiers and balance of plant
  • Designed for low-cost mass manufacturing
  • Iridium-free supply chain, no PFAS “forever chemicals”
  • Uses widely available materials with reliable supply chains such as iron, nickel and copper

Designed for the real-world conditions of clean hydrogen installations

  • Well-suited for variable renewable power inputs:
    • Operates over the full dynamic range of available power
    • Avoids shutdowns at low energy intensity
    • Maximizes conversion of electrical power to hydrogen
    • Sustains high gas purities over the full operating range
  • Stable efficiency over plant life
  • Low-cost on-site maintenance