ABB and Hydrogen Optimized to explore the development of large-scale green hydrogen systems

Hydrogen Optimized At The World Hydrogen Technology Conference 2021

About Hydrogen Optimized

Hydrogen Optimized™ is a private hydrogen technology company commercializing our patent pending RuggedCell™ water electrolysis systems for the production of Green Hydrogen at large-scale.

Our pedigree dates to 1905, when Alexander T. Stuart, Canada’s hydrogen pioneer, concluded that hydrogen and oxygen were the key building blocks to a sustainable clean and diverse energy and industrial world.

We were founded in 2017 by Andrew Stuart and his son Edward to enable economic hydrogen production using renewable energy to power our proprietary systems.  Our vision is that by 2030, the adoption of large-scale Green Hydrogen for energy and industrial purposes will have improved the quality of life for all individuals worldwide.

Green Hydrogen at Scale From RuggedCell™ Water Electrolysis.

The world is adopting Gigawatt scale water electrolysis. This will require new technologies designed for large-scale. Our experience stands out with large-scale water electrolysis.

Hydrogen enables clean electricity to be brought out into new forms and affect new industries.

The RuggedCell™ makes this transformation at scale.

We believe the adoption of large-scale Green Hydrogen will improve the quality of life for all individuals worldwide.

Our mission is to deliver large-scale water electrolysis to enable the widespread adoption of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen Optimized’s Technology Center has allowed for the creation of our novel RuggedCell™ equipment.


With the world’s premier hydrogen heritage, we develop, design, and build innovative technologies and processes.

Hydrogen Optimized™ works with clients and partners on an individual basis to advance Green Hydrogen projects and bring forward optimized solutions.  We can provide exceptional value and leading know-how to accelerate our clients’ and partners’ goals.

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Who we do it for

Our clients and partners are private-sector firms that seek large-scale supply. We work with them to accelerate the development, execution, and scaling of hydrogen projects.

We also assist public sector stakeholders to define and achieve their hydrogen objectives from policy creation to implementation.

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