Green Hydrogen at Scale

Hydrogen Optimized develops and commercializes innovative large-scale Green Hydrogen production systems targeted to high-growth markets.

Our groundbreaking Patented RuggedCell™ high-current water electrolysis system is designed to deliver low-cost, Green Hydrogen at the scale needed for the world’s largest industrial applications.

The Latest

Hydrogen Optimized Advances Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Technology with Demonstration of World’s Highest-Current Water Electrolyser

$22 million program achieves significant milestone on path to developing world’s largest Green Hydrogen production systems Owen Sound. View the Full Press Release→

The Latest

SDTC Grant to KEY DH Technologies Enables $12 Million Green Hydrogen Technology Demonstration

Funds will accelerate commercialization of KEY’s multi-hundred MW Green Hydrogen production systems and significantly reduce carbon emissions. View the Full Press Release→

As a sustainable energy conversion company, Hydrogen Optimized enables the production of Green Hydrogen from green electricity and the transformation of heavy fossil fuel-use industries into sustainability leaders. Our patented RuggedCell™ electrolysers convert renewable electricity such as solar and wind power into Green Hydrogen for major industrial applications at a significantly lower cost than other water electrolysers in the marketplace today.

A picture of wind turbines and solar hydrogen generators

Large-scale Green Hydrogen is ideal for major industrial, chemical, utility and transportation applications as well as energy end-users. Together these applications represent the largest segment of an overall addressable Green Hydrogen market that Goldman Sachs forecasts could reach $12 trillion by 2050.

The technology developed by Hydrogen Optimized is built on a legacy of hydrogen expertise and innovation that extends through four generations of the founding Stuart family. The advancements captured in the patented RuggedCell™ design represent a fundamentally different approach to electrolysers that are not found in other electrolysis technology today.

Our Goal

To become the first Green Hydrogen company to sell 10 GW of water electrolysis systems.