Green Hydrogen at Scale

Hydrogen Optimized develops and commercializes innovative large-scale Green Hydrogen production systems targeted to high-growth markets.

Our groundbreaking RuggedCell™ high-current water electrolysis system is designed to deliver low-cost green hydrogen at the scale needed to decarbonize the world’s largest industrial applications. Our patented RuggedCell™ electrolysers convert renewable electricity such as solar and wind power into green hydrogen.

The Latest

Hydrogen Optimized Advances Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Technology with Demonstration of World’s Highest-Current Water Electrolyser

$22 million program achieves significant milestone on path to developing world’s largest Green Hydrogen production systems Owen Sound. View the Full Press Release→

The Latest

SDTC Grant to KEY DH Technologies Enables $12 Million Green Hydrogen Technology Demonstration

Funds will accelerate commercialization of KEY’s multi-hundred MW Green Hydrogen production systems and significantly reduce carbon emissions. View the Full Press Release→

The RuggedCell™ disrupts the world’s conception of large-scale hydrogen production. The system architecture enables cost-effective scaling for green hydrogen plants into hundreds of megawatts.

A picture of wind turbines and solar hydrogen generators

Designed to be mass manufactured and with no iridium or platinum group metals, the RuggedCell™ is poised to be a leader in the emerging gigawatt-scale green hydrogen production market. The design also enables low-cost mass manufacturing and cost-effective scaling in green hydrogen plants in the hundreds of megawatts, simplifying the power electronic requirements.

Our solution is targeted at major industrial, chemical, utility, heavy transportation, and energy end-users that require green hydrogen at a scale that has never been attempted before. Hydrogen produced with low to zero carbon dioxide emissions is widely recognized as key to achieving “net-zero” emissions by 2050. 

Our Goal

To become the first Green Hydrogen company to sell 10 GW of water electrolysis systems.