High Current Technology

Optimized for High Power systems into the 100s of MWs


For industrial applications

Low Cost

Market-leading lowest cost of ownership

Scaleable Manufacturing

Target: Plants rated at 2GW+ of annual RuggedCell production

An over the shoulder picture of a scientist reviewing green hydrogen electrolyzer reports
Hydrogen Optimized has a sophisticated laboratory for advanced hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen Optimized’s groundbreaking RuggedCell™ high-current water electrolysers convert renewable electricity such as solar and wind power into Green Hydrogen for industry. It does this at a significantly lower cost at a larger scale than other water electrolysers in the marketplace today.

The RuggedCell design represents a fundamentally different approach that is not found in other water electrolysis technology today. End-user benefits include:

  • Simplified, single-plant design
  • Simple, low-cost maintenance
  • Long plant life
  • Cost-effective rectifiers at scale
  • Smaller footprint

Technology Demonstration

Hydrogen Optimized is currently implementing a program to demonstrate the RuggedCell technology for large-scale project deployment.

The demonstration includes a collaboration with ABB, a leading worldwide supplier of high-power rectifiers for industrial applications. Together, the companies seek to enable large-scale Green Hydrogen systems to be brought to market with project sizes in the hundreds of megawatts comprising Hydrogen Optimized’s high-current RuggedCell electrolysers with ABB’s high current rectifiers.

“This collaboration advances the commercial availability and feasibility of large-scale green hydrogen systems. We have been exploring this type of project for more than two years and the synergies with Hydrogen Optimized have been very apparent. We have a clear vision, and the results could be significant.”

Charl Marais, Global Product Manager, Process Industries, ABB​
(Source: ABB press release announcing MOU with Hydrogen Optimized​, September 10, 2020)

Scaleable Manufacturing: The Path to Commercialization

Hydrogen Optimized is now preparing for commercialization by advancing its manufacturing technology and capabilities. Initially, the company will develop the capability to manufacture up to 500 MW of RuggedCell electrolysers annually and, farther ahead, manufacturing plants rated at 2,000 MW or more of annual RuggedCell production.

A Multi-Generational Technology Foundation

Hydrogen Optimized is built on a century-long foundation of groundbreaking innovation in water electrolysis and other hydrogen technologies. This legacy extends through four generations of the Stuart family, founders of Hydrogen Optimized and preceding hydrogen technology enterprises.