Overview of Hydrogen Optimized

Hydrogen Optimized develops and commercializes large-scale Green Hydrogen production systems.

As a sustainable energy conversion company, we enable the production of Green Hydrogen from green electricity and the transformation of heavy fossil fuel-use industries into sustainability leaders.

Unique RuggedCell™ Technology

The company’s groundbreaking RuggedCell™ high-current water electrolysers convert renewable electricity such as solar and wind power into Green Hydrogen for industry at a significantly lower cost at large scale than other water electrolysers in the marketplace today. Other benefits include:

  • Simplified, single-plant design
  • Simple, low-cost maintenance
  • Long plant life
  • Cost-effective rectifiers at scale
  • Smaller footprint

The advancements captured in the RuggedCell design represent a fundamentally different approach that is not found in other electrolysis technology today. This innovative technology is built on a legacy of hydrogen expertise and innovation that runs through four generations of the company’s founding Stuart family.


RuggedCell™ water electrolysis systems are ideal for large-volume, single site applications. They are targeted to major industrial, chemical, utility, transportation and energy end users. Applications include, for example:

  • Steelmaking
  • Ammonia production
  • Major transportation such as mine haulage, shipping and trains
  • Natural gas blending
  • Curtailment (conversion and storage) of excess renewable energy

Together these applications represent the largest segment of an overall addressable Green Hydrogen market that Goldman Sachs forecasts could reach US$12 trillion by 2050. In the EU alone, US$475 billion of capital investment in hydrogen infrastructure has been targeted by the EU Hydrogen Strategy, including US$56 billion for electrolysers by 2030. (Goldman)

Large-scale Green Hydrogen supply is ideal for large-scale, heavy-duty transportation applications that require significant power and range. Batteries and small-scale hydrogen supply, in contrast, are better suited to small-scale applications such as automobiles.

A Bridge to Carbon Neutrality

Major industries and national governments have identified the use of green electricity with large-scale water electrolysers as an essential contributor to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Successful efforts to reduce the cost of Green Hydrogen will be key to driving its mass adoption. This will support the goals of “hard-to-abate” industries to decarbonize and meet their ESG objectives, and for the fulfillment of formal Green Hydrogen plans established to date by 31 countries representing 73% of global GDP*.

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* McKinsey/Hydrogen Council: “Hydrogen Insights: A perspective on hydrogen investment, market development and cost competitiveness”, February 2021