Investing in the future of Hydrogen

Hydrogen OptimizedTM Inc. to Present Multi-Million Dollar Hydrogen Technology Center at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cell Group Exhibition at Hannover Messe 2020

Hydrogen OptimizedTM is pleased to announce it will be an exhibitor at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cell Group Exhibition at Hannover Messe from April 20-24th 2020. We will attend in person to discuss the investment Hydrogen OptimizedTM has made in its Hydrogen Technology Centre. 

“We are most excited to join the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Group Exhibition at Hannover Messe from April 20-24th,” said Andrew T.B. Stuart, President and CEO of Hydrogen OptimizedTM. “2020 marks a year of unprecedented recognition of the vital role hydrogen and fuel cells are playing to improve the quality of life and the natural environment. As a Hydrogen Technology focused Engineering Procurement and construction firm, Hydrogen OptimizedTM is well-positioned to accelerate hydrogen and fuel cell implementation on a global scale. With 115 years of hydrogen experience, the Stuart Family enables our clients and partners to succeed. This success will improve the quality of life for individuals and enhance the natural environment.” 

The deployment of hydrogen-fueled rail, marine, and road mobility has facilitated the transition and global adoption of hydrogen and fuel cells. Hydrogen-powered fuel cells have allowed the benefit of zero-emission electric mobility applications that were historically constrained. Renewably produced hydrogen has enabled a reduction of the carbon content of heavy industries, such as steel and chemical production. 

The capabilities of Hydrogen OptimizedTM’s highly skilled staff and its Hydrogen Technology Center is advancing this transition with our clients and partner. 

About Hydrogen OptimizedTM 

Hydrogen OptimizedTM is a private Hydrogen Technology focused Engineering, Procurement and Construction company. We develop and complete projects for our clients and partners using our innovative hydrogen capabilities. 

Our vision is that by 2030, the adoption of clean hydrogen processes for energy and industrial purposes will have improved the quality of life for all individuals worldwide. 

Our pedigree dates to 1905, when Alexander T. Stuart, Canada’s hydrogen pioneer, concluded that hydrogen and oxygen were the key building blocks to a sustainable clean and diverse energy and industrial world. His Son Alexander K. (Sandy) Stuart expanded upon his father’s work on a global basis. Hydrogen OptimizedTM was founded in 2017 by Andrew T.B. Stuart, grandson of Alexander T. Stuart. 

With the world’s premier hydrogen heritage, we develop, design, and build hydrogen systems. At our Hydrogen Technology Center, we accelerate the scaling of innovative hydrogen technologies and processes from benchtop to packaged modular products. We implement, with our partners, full-scale industrial or energy systems. To learn more information, visit our website at and contact us at [email protected]