Hydrogen Optimized:

The Bridge to Carbon Neutrality

Hydrogen Optimized Green Hydrogen at Scale Graphic

Hydrogen Optimized is the bridge to carbon neutrality. We connect green electricity generation such as solar, wind and hydro with major transportation end users and fossil energy-intensive industries such as ammonia and steel production.

Our RuggedCell water electrolysis technology converts green electricity into Green Hydrogen. The hydrogen can then be used to replace fossil fuels used in chemical, industrial, major transportation and other energy-intensive industries that today emit large amounts of carbon. This enables these hard-to-abate industries to decarbonize.

For example, Green Hydrogen decarbonizes:

An expected decline in the Green Hydrogen cost curve toward cost parity with fossil fuels will facilitate mass adoption and use by these and other industries.*

According to a February 2021 McKinsey/Hydrogen Council report, “the EU Hydrogen strategy identifies green hydrogen as the only shade of hydrogen compatible with a net-zero emission system.”*

A picture of wind turbines and solar hydrogen generators

* McKinsey/Hydrogen Council: “Hydrogen Insights A perspective on hydrogen investment, market development and cost competitiveness – February 2021