Career Opportunities with Hydrogen Optimized

Hydrogen Optimized™ is a fast-growing company that is constantly looking for top talent. We are expanding our technical capabilities and capacity to meet our growth plan requirements.

We offer competitive salaries and progressive benefits. We pride ourselves on team member development, performance, recognition, and a culture of diversity and respect.

If you believe your future lies in Green Hydrogen and its positive impact on the world, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and send us your resume. We look forward to starting a discussion on how we can advance our mutual objectives.

Career Opporunities

Vice President, Manufacturing Operations
The VP, Manufacturing Operations will be a key member of the company’s Executive Leadership Team and lead all manufacturing and operations activities for our hydrogen business unit. The position reports to the CEO.

Responsibilities include development and implementation of the company’s manufacturing strategies, policies, and processes for our first factory in Owen Sound and, potentially five or more factories in key global markets. The role will provide the leadership and transformational change required to create, build, and optimize performance and efficiency for the company’s manufacturing functions.
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Industry Analyst/Competitor Intelligence
The Industry Analyst will be responsible for using their research skills and subject matter expertise to provide competitive information to the Finance, Customer Development, and Product Development teams. The position reports to the Product Manager.

Key responsibilities include distilling information into critically relevant reports, sheets and other tools that enable the streamlined transfer of information. The role will maintain models and databases tracking global projects coming online, economic trends, commodity trends, industry costs, major events, government policies, subsidies, etc.
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Supply Chain Material Manager
The Supply Chain Material Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing a supply chain for manufacturing, developing strong relationships with vendors, negotiating pricing for long-term cost goals, and setting up a lean material flow inside the plant. The position reports to the Director of Manufacturing Operations.

Responsibilities include setting up a robust supply of manufacturing materials, identifying optimal shipment and transportation routes with attention to the consolidation of warehousing and distribution, and working with suppliers to ensure they are fulfilling the company’s requirements.
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Patent Specialist (Hydrogen Optimized)
We are seeking a Patent Specialist reporting to the Chief Technical Officer. This role will primarily be responsible for amplifying the growth of our intellectual property portfolio.

The role will bridge technical innovators in our design and development teams, patent firms, and stakeholders throughout our organization, fostering a culture of intellectual property.
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Design Engineer (Hydrogen Optimized)
We are seeking a Design Engineer reporting to the Director of Manufacturing Development. 

This role will primarily support the continuous development and improvement of the company’s electrolyzer design capabilities. 
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Mechanical Design CAD Technician
We are seeking a Mechanical Design CAD Technician reporting to the VP Engineering.

This role will primarily support the engineering department in developing and designing electrochemical processes, electrolyzer systems, and other assemblies required by the Engineering department.
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If you are interested in working with us but do not see an applicable job opening please contact us using this form: